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Elite Icon Whores

We are the Elite Icon Whores.

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All Members , Moderated
Elite Icon Wh0res here.


This is your MOD katiekinz. A.k.a K-t or katie or kate...ya know i could go on forever.
Hi! I'm makeuplovegloss, I'm the other mod/poster. My name is Katy as well, just spelled different. If you need to get a hold of me, check my journal for all my contact information!

ello I'm emmi1241,I'm another mod of
eliteiconwh0res please call me emmi and yah that's my story


Hey, whats up guys!? I think I'm the only male mod here! This is your friendly neighborhood xmudd_punkx!! Hit me up if you neeeeeed meh! Bia Bia!!

What do we do here?

I'll tell you what the heck you do here!! You be a whore!! Well, that and you have to be totally obsessive over making/collecting icons!! This is for those whores (lol) out there who love icons. Therefore you are an Icon whore, once you join your an Elite Icon Whore! Get it? Here you can post your work or post come icons you come across that you like.

Requests are also welcome here. What can i say i love icons!

Can I be a MOD?

Why yes you can! We have 4 MODS already and I would love to have some super-duper good artists like 2 more mods.
Just comment to any of our posts or in our livejournals.


Enjoy yourselves you filthy little whores!

.link us.